Reducing re-offending

Targeting and managing harm and risk

Reducing re-offending requires tackling drivers of crime, such as the use and supply of illicit substances, as early and effectively as possible to reduce escalation and further risk to others.

Violent offending remains a concern, particularly when it involve knives or other sharp instruments due to the increased risk of death or serious injury arising. It is imperative that we take positive action to address violent crime, particularly carrying and use of knives.

An offender management strategy needs to consider risk and threat, rather than simply crime type and a modern offender management strategy needs to make best use of legislative and technological strategies and solutions.


Police & Crime Bulletin for September 2018

Over £350,000 funding to reduce reoffending and protect young people from gangs

This week I have announced over £350,000 funding for seven organisations delivering projects to support key strategic aims within the Police and Crime Plan.

Positive Relationships Programme

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is funding a Positive Relationships Programme aimed at supporting men who have been perpetrators of domestic abuse; helping them to find healthier, safer solutions to relationship based problems and conflict.