Why I’m voting Conservative in the Europe elections

My postal vote has arrived for the European parliamentary election. Normally I am onto it straight away, signing the form, marking my cross, but I must confess I, along with most other people, am less than enthused about the prospect.

Brexit - beyond the next week

Many books have already been written about Brexit, there are many more to come and many books-worth of material online and in the press trying to analyse the result, the negotiation and the position Britain is in now.

Police & Crime Bulletin for March 2019

PCC awards £800,000 funding to tackle youth violence and knife crime

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has awarded £800,000 to 14 organisations across the Thames Valley to deliver projects to tackle youth violence, knife crime and exploitation.

How Thames Valley Police are fighting knife crime

The challenge of tackling knife crime requires strong leadership and clear vision rather than knee jerk reactions. In Thames Valley we have not been immune from the increase in violent crime, including knife crime that has been seen across the country.

The importance of neighbourhood policing in countering terrorism

Yesterday the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, published CONTEST - the UK's strategy for countering terrorism. The last strategy was published in 2011 and this review is much welcomed in the wake of several attack's last year and in response to the continually changing threat.

Should rural police be armed?

Today's Times reports proposals from the National Police Chief's Council to routinely arm police in rural areas in a response to the increased terror threat. The public, and indeed most police officers, have always been opposed to having routinely armed police on Britain's streets.

New year is a time to remember individual sacrifice

I join the many others to trot out the clichés of the new year being a time to reflect on the past twelve months and to look forward to future prospects. Often dismissed and ridiculed I often find the New Year’s honour’s list a good place to start.

Government announces infrastructure funding for Oxfordshire

In today's Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced plans for a housing deal with Oxfordshire that would deliver £150m of infrastructure funding. The Government is also seeking to further increase housing delivering in Oxfordshire.