The Herbert Protocol

A new tool to help find missing people with dementia is being used by Thames Valley Police in partnership with search and rescue teams of Thames Valley.

The Herbert Protocol is a form to record key information about a person with dementia. This should be completed by carers or family members in case they go missing. 

Memory problems are one of a number of symptoms that people with dementia may experience, this can lead to feelings of confusion, fear and vulnerability and consequently can result in a person going missing.

The Herbert Protocol was adopted in January and it is helping to ensure that the police and partner agencies, including the volunteer search and rescue teams, have the best possible information should someone with dementia go missing and a search needs to be conducted to find them.

It helps avoid any unnecessary delays as the right information is immediately available. This may include if the person is on medication, favourite places they like to visit or key people they know.

Matthew Barber, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, said: “The Herbert Protocol seeks to protect those suffering from dementia by ensuring that if they go missing the key information needed by the emergency services and volunteer search and rescue reams is readily available. I would urge families, carers, and care home staff, to adopt the protocol by completing the Herbert Protocol form in advance.”

Find out more about the Protocol and download the forms by following the link below to Thames Valley Police's website.

Download the form and find out more information about the Herbert Protocol.