Lib Dems don't care about youth

Conservatives reacted with anger to the Liberal Democrat decision to close Abingdon open air swimming pool as part of drastic budget cuts imposed due to severe financial mismanagement.An audit of sports provision had already reported a damning verdict for the Liberal democrats saying that only 9% of parishes in the Vale of White Horse met the minimum standards for Sports provision leaving successful youth football teams such as St Edmunds F.C. without pitches to play on, this situation was made even worse by the closure of the Pool.Conservative Councillor Mike Badcock said he "was shocked and disappointed. Closure of the pool has been talked of before but always resisted because of the value of this amenity to the people of Abingdon. I learnt to swim in the pool as have many others and it is a great shame the Liberal Democrats have chosen to close it".Fellow Conservative Peter Jones said, "Its typical of Liberal Democrat policy, only a month ago we were arguing the case to help St Edmunds FC where the Lib Dems admitted there was a serious lack of sports decisions and that they would do what they could to help, and then they go and do this! The Youth of Abingdon and the surrounding villages obviously do not matter in the minds of the ruling group but I can assure you they are at the forefront of our minds"Councillors listened in amazement as the Executive Members told the council that they planned to replace the pool with a water feature but had no idea what it would be.Cllr Matthew Barber joked "Perhaps our media conscious Lib Dem leader is anxious for an appearance on Ground Force with Charlie Dimmock"Leader of the Conservatives Cllr Melinda Tilley told the Liberal democrats that it was a mistake to close the pool without the consultation of the people of Abingdon and Abingdon Town council. "To take the decision then go and consult is pointless and an insult to the people of Abingdon" she commented.