Lib Dems take 'kicking' over football pitches

Conservative Councillors last night highlighted the failings of the Liberal Democrat administration when campaigning to save a local youth football team. A Council Audit has shown that only 9% of Parishes in the Vale meet the standards for children's play areas and outdoor sports provision and Abingdon as a town was also found lacking.St Edmunds FC is a local club which has been running for over 15 years. Currently they have over 300 members but a lack of playing accommodation is seriously threatening the future of the Club. So far two teams have had to disband because they have nowhere to play and other teams are being made to travel as far as Oxford and Witney, at great expense, as no local pitches are available.In a motion to Council Cllr Monica Lovatt urged the council to help the club find pitches to play on and gave a number of options that the Council could use. She was seconded by Cllr Peter Jones who produced minutes of a Council meeting from February last year when Leader of the Council Cllr Jerry Patterson said that steps would be taken to address the problems, "How long does he need?" asked Peter Jones but as usual no answers were forthcoming from the Lib Dem front Bench.Conservative Group Leader Melinda Tilley said that she had met with the management of the club and that help was needed immediately not more talk and delaying tactics. "There is a site available to help the club in the short term which is owned by the Council. This should be used immediately whilst a long term solution is discussed. There seems to be no sense of urgency from the Lib Dem Leadership".