Lib Dems tried 25% council tax rise!

Documents have been brought to the attention of the Conservative group which show that the ruling Lib Dem group tried to get permission for a 25% Council Tax rise from the Minister for Local Goverment. This move was quickly flattened by the Government and was branded "ludicrous" by Councillor Matthew Barber. "The fact that the Lib Dems were trying this and planning to hit it on the residents out of the blue sums up their financial mismanagement." Cllr Melinda Tilley added, "The fact that they say in one breath that they have kept Council Tax as low as they can and are trying this in another really sums the administration up. We predicted before the budget that there would be service cuts coupled with Council Tax rises and they have done exactly that. Tax payers money is being squandered and the public need to be made aware."