Local MP 'bugged' at conference

A Conservative Party Conference fringe event, organised by the Conservative Political Officers Network (CPON), at which Ed Vaizey was speaking at was targetted by a Lib Dem 'spy', it can be revealed.The event - entitled "Winning Elections - The Conservative Way!" - featured newly-elected MPs Ed Vaizey, Justine Greening and Peter Bone; as well as Gloucestershire County Council Leader, Barry Dare, and Trafford MBC councillor, Alex Williams. The event was hosted by Kensington & Chelsea Leader, Merrick Cockell.At the event the panellists were asked what they thought were the main reasons behind their electoral success. At the beginning of the meeting, a unidentified man asked permission to record the meeting, but controversy raged after the event when he revealed himself to be the official Liberal Democrat observerAfterwards, Mr Vaizey, MP for Wantage said, "I was unaware of the controversy at first until the gentleman was questioned about a recording he had made of the meeting. This type of underhand tactic is of course nothing more than we have come to expect from the Liberal Democrat Party. They only have to examine our election campaign and our results in local government elections to know that the Conservative agenda is the one that the people want."Kate Stinton, CPON Deputy Chairman, said, "The whole point of CPON's event was to pass along ideas, policies and strategies on how to win elections. It is more than flattering that not only was this received well by MPs, Councillors, and party members, but that our political opponents felt it worthy enough to record for posterity."