Point of no return

Parts of the Pump House in Faringdon’s Market Place have now been opened at great expense to the people of the town. Even this close to the end of the project, the cost continues to escalate. At July’s Council meeting it was decided to seek a special recommendation from the finance committee to authorise increased expenditure on the latest stage of the project. The Town Council has now received authorisation to increase its loan for the project to £200,000. It was decided at the last meeting to rule out discussions with the landlord to reduce the burden on the public purse. Councillor Matthew Barber said, “I proposed that when having discussions with our landlords we should rule nothing out. This proposal was voted down, ruling out the possibility that the building could be handed back to Lord Faringdon, thereby saving the public up to £30,000 per year.” Councillor Barber continued, “The Town Council has committed itself to this course of action, as far as it goes ahead I will do everything I can to make the project viable, but at every opportunity I will remind the Council of the huge burden this building places on the Town, and that an alternative solution should be sought.”