Public inquiry into Thames Water plans

The Government's announcement of a public inquiry into Thames Water's plansto build a new reservoir in the Vale have been welcomed by localConservatives. The proposal, which would flood the area between Steventon andEast Hanney, would create a reservoir the size of 900 football pitches.

Public inquiry on Vale reservoir

Some good news on the proposed reservoir. The Government have announced thatThames Water's plans will have to go through a public inquiry. In astatement earlier this week Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn announcedwhich water companies could proceed with their plans.

Progress on Brown Bins?

Following my letter in the Herald last week I get the feeling that we may soon see progress on the introduction of a direct debit discount. It appears that the Lib Dem might just have cottoned on to the fact that this could be a good idea. Watch this space...

Partnerships - another word for QUANGO

The local government landscape is strewn with 'partnerships', these can involve other councils, unelected public bodies(such as police and NHS), and other disparate community groups.

Bring in a discount for Brown Bins

Letter to the Editor Dear Sir, Over a period which now extends for nearly 18 months I have been questioningLib Dem Councillors at the Vale over their mismanagement of the brown binscheme.

Next Vale Council meeting cancelled

The next Vale Council meeting, due to take place next week, has been cancelled. This is apparently due to lack of business, sadly a result of less accountability and poor political leadership.

Late Summer Ball cancelled

It is with much regret that I am forced to cancel the Late Summer Ball this year. I am afraid that some our usual sponsorship has dried up for understandable reasons, and many of our regulars are either unable orunwilling to attend this year.

Community grants underfunded

Tonight was a West Area Committee meeting. This is a committee made up of Councillors from the West of the Vale covering the area from Buscot to Ashbury and Bourton to Buckland, the main purpose of the meeting is to give grants to local community groups.

Elected Vale Conservative Leader

Tonight I am honoured to have been elected as Leader of the Conservatives onthe Vale of White Horse District Council. I would like to pay tribute toMelinda Tilley, the outgoing Leader, who has worked so hard for the Partyover the years.