Letter to the Abingdon Herald

I was saddened to see the Lib Dem leaders comments to your story on low morale at the Vale of White Horse District Council (Thursday 17th August) . He seems to have buried his head in the sand on this issue.

Lib Dems in disarray as MORI blasts Council

The beleaguered Liberal Democrat administration at the Vale of White Horse District Council was dealt a hammer blow as the results of an independent staff survey carried out by MORI were released.Conservative Group Leader Melinda Tilley said it was “A damning indictment of the Liberal Democrat ad

Tories "delighted" at funding for NET project

Conservative Councillors welcomed news yesterday that Conservative controlled Oxfordshire County Council had agreed to give funding to the Net youth cinema project in Abingdon.Vale of White Horse Conservative Councillors had supported a plea from a local Labour Party supporter which had originall

Conservatives set to take control

The Conservatives on the Vale of White Horse District Council are preparing to take control of the District in next May's local elections. Last night the Lib Dems held on to their seat in Kennington & South Hinksey, but only just!

Tories fight to save Faringdon office

Conservative Councillors representing Faringdon have pledged to continue the fight to save the Vale of White Horse District Council area office in the town from closure.As part of Lib Dem budget cuts Wantage Local Services Point is having its hours reduced and the Faringdon Office is due to close

Parties unite in bid to save Community Hospitals

At the Vale of White Horse District Council meeting last night the Conservatives joined with the Liberal Democrats in a rare show of political unity behind an urgent motion proposed by Cllrs Alison Rooke and Jenny Hannaby calling on the South West Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) to save Want

Tories demand £300,000 rebate is returned to motorists

Conservative Councillors reacted with anger this week when the Lib Dems refused to ensure that a £300 000 rebate from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is returned to the motorist through a reduction in car parking charges.The Vale of White Horse District Council has been paying VAT on its

Conservative budget proposal rejected by Lib Dems

Vale of White Horse District Council Conservatives this week made their own proposal for Council Tax. At the Council's budget meeting, where the ruling Lib Dem group were proposing a 5%, the Conservatives proposed a rise of only 2% (in line with current inflation).

Conservatives fight for free parking

Conservatives on the Vale of White Horse District Council joined with local residents to voice their opposition the Lib Dem plans to introduce parking charges in the evenings and weekends.